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Every Vehicle comes with our One Year Warranty

Our one year warranty offers all of the following. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

1 year limited warranty on Parts that fails due to manufacturing defects or workmanship. (Excludes bulbs, fuses brake pads fluids).
6 months limited warranty on Batteries.
1 year limited labor warranty to repair any problem that keeps the vehicle from moving forwards, backwards, or keep the vehicle from being steered or properly stopped due to manufacturing defects or workmanship. Labor warranty does not cover abuse, negligence, wrecked vehicles or normal wear and tear. Labor to correct Worn Brake pads, drums and rotters excluded.

v7 Vehicle Features


  1. Power 60 Volt System
  2. Controller 36 Tube Controller
  3. Transmission Automation
  4. Max Speed 19.9 MPH
  5. Climbing Capacity 40-60 degree


  1. Overall Size 11’6”L x 5’1”W x 5’2”H
  2. Max Capacity 1100 Lbs
  3. Net Weight 1543 Lbs
  4. Tires 155 r12 Tubeless


  1. Type 70 Volt 52.9 AH
  2. Range 90 Miles Per Charge
  3. Charge Time 8 – 10 Hours

Interior Space

  1. Passenger Capacity 5 People
  2. Size 11’6”L x 5’1”W x 5’2”H

Standard Colors

See the "In Stock" tab to see what we currently have available. To order a color that is not in stock will be a special order.

Standard Options

Back Up Camera w/ Lg Display
MP5 Player w/ Touch Screen
Wiper / Washer
300 Watt Defrost Heater
Air Conditioning
Power Windows / Door Locks
Alarm System
Hi / Low Beam Head Lights
Turn Signals
Brake Lights
Maintenance Free Batteries
Rear View Mirrors
Interior Lighting
Aluminum Mag Wheels
Metal Body and Frame
Four Wheel Suspension
3000 Watt Main Motor
Disk Brakes / Drum on Rear
Parking Brake Handle
Hood Release
Tool Kit
120V AC Car Charger
One Year Warranty
Luxury Skylight

Additional Options Available

  1. 100 AH Battery & Charger $TBA
  2. 2, 3, 4 Year Extended Warranty $695, 795, 895
  3. Undercoating $299
  1. 12V DC outlet $69
  2. LED under car lighting $199

Currently In Stock

There are no models currently in stock. Please see the special order section below on how to order this model.

Special Order

If a model in a specific color is not in stock, you can special order it by contacting us.

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$8,600 MSRP: $9,980

Quick Specs

90 Miles Per Charge
60 Volt System
36 Tube Controller
1100 Lbs
1543 Lbs
8 - 10 Hours
70 Volt 52.9 AH
11’6”L x 5’1”W x 5’2”H
40-60 degree
155 r12 Tubeless
5 People

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