Personal Transportation Vehicles with the Style & Amenities of Modern Automobiles

The Electric Mini Car Company specializes in miniature electric vehicles. Our vehicles are classified as Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV) with a top speed of 19.9 MPH, similar to a golf cart.

As PTVs become more common in America, the Electric Mini Car Company offers you options that can be climate controlled and more secure than the traditional PTV. We also back each vehicle with a one year warranty and have a large collection of parts readily available, if needed.

100% Financing Available

Our ability to offer 100% financing on all of our vehicles make owning one affordable for all.

Technical Support

We offer technical support to assist you with questions or in the event you encounter an issue with your EMC vehicle.

Parts & Accessories

We offer a wide range of upgrades and accessories to keep your EMC vehicle in top shape & performing for you.

Featured Vehicles

Our current vehicle lineup offers something for everyone with multiple choices for sporty-looking mini cars, roomy mini SUV-like cars and mini trucks with beds to assist with hauling or moving items. Scroll through our models below to find one that suits your needs.

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